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Welcome Seniors let me take some task off your hands


"Our mission is to ensure our clients can live a secure and independent life at home. We provide peace of mind."


Affordable, compassionate help for seniors. you can trust us for seniors errands and companionship services 


Here at Ceus Errand Express we invest the time, attention, and resources needed to deliver reliable and effective services. Our services give people back their time and their sanity, by freeing up space to follow your own goals and actually enjoy your life. Senior communities are missing an affordable and accessible source of help for seniors. It is our goal to provide a traditional service that you or a loved one can use. With our senior errand service, seniors can live an independent, safe lifestyle in their own homes. We offer personal errand services to hard-working citizens who are unable to complete daily tasks on their own. We know, first hand, how hectic life can get. We are here to help you! Our vision is to help make seniors' lives more meaningful while being a positive presence in each of our clients' lives.

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